Talk to a Homeopath from the app

Similia Similibus Curanter

  • Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that is found to be very effective in managing and treating several chronic conditions constitutionally. 
  • Users of Glucocious app will have an ability to consult a homeopath directly online.
  • Homeopathy treatment is based on several patient factors like physical, psychological and emotional. The medications may be different for different patients for the same condition.
  • Long term benefits of homeopathy have been been documented for several conditions like diabetes, high blood presuure, dermatology problems, psychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.
  • Glucocious app is happy to bring this unique opportunity to its users. 

Disclaimer: Homeopath's advice cannot be a substitute to your doctor's treatment and care. The advice available in the app and offered by the pharmacist or homeopath will be based on the treatment offered by your doctor.