App Contents


Learn about causes, symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose

Learn about tips on how to measure your blood sugar accurately

Counseling tips for diabetes educators

Diabetes educators like pharmacists, nurses and others will find this app as a valuable resource to counsel their patients. 

Counseling for Medication management includes adherence tips, proper administration techniques of medications, adverse effects and drug-interactions. It also includes recommendation of appropriate vaccines.


Learn about causes, symptoms and prevention of ketoacidosis.

Crossword and Trivia puzzles

An interesting way to keep yourself abreast of the knowledge and developments in the filed of diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Crossword is a state of the art feature of Glucocious app.

Email your logs to your doctor or yourself

This feature enables users to maintain a daily log of blood glucose and blood pressure.
Users can then email the log to their doctors or themselves. Lot of counseling tips for diabetes educators.